Introduction: Airsoft Gun Silencer

This actually works!!! Only for the Crossman c11 airsoft gun though. When the C02, as well as the BB is shot through the barrel the excess gas is absorbed in the silencer reducing the sound and making it sound much cooler.

Step 1: Materials

What You Will Need

Spray paint (any color)
60ml bottle
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Roll
4'' Long hollow plastic or metal tube (must be able to fit snug into the neck of the bottle)
13/64'' drill bit
5/8'' drill bit
Small skiny object like a pen cartridge or a dowel

Step 2: Cutting and Measuring

First take the 5/8'' drill bit and drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle. (make sure the hole is exactly in the middle) Once completed take the plastic or metal tube and push it through the bottom first all the way to the neck. It should not be able to go all the way through. Make sure to leave about a 5/16''  gap from the end of the tube to the top of the bottle. (as shown below) Next mark with a pencil exactly where the tube comes out from the bottom of the bottle. Once you have your mark cut it with a bandsaw. Insert the tube again into the bottle. Make sure the tube is flush with the bottom of the bottle while still maintaining the space at the top. If everything lines up take the 13/64 drill bit and drill three holes in a row in the plastic or metal tube.

Step 3: Filling the Silencer

Now cut your toilet paper tube right down the middle. Measure how long the bottle is not including the length of the neck. Once measure (mine is 2_1/2'') cut the exact length of the bottle on the toilet paper tube. Once finished roll the tube up as tight as you can. Remember it has to fit inside the bottle. Once inside the bottle take your metal or plastic tube and push it in the bottle making sure is goes in the middle of the toilet paper tube. Only push the tube 1/2 way in. Make sure the toilet paper tube is pushed to the sides of the bottle. Next take small pieces of toilet paper and start shoving them inside the bottle., Make sure it goes around the plastic tubing. Keep doing this until the toilet paper is packed fairly tight. Then push the plastic tube the rest of the way in. Remember to keep a 5/16'' gap between the end of the tube and the top of the bottles neck.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now that your silencer is complete. Theres one more thing to do. Painting it. If you choose not to do this it does not affect the silencer in anyway. I perferred to use black hence the color of the gun but its all personel choice. Once finshed just slide it on your gun. Theres no twisting involved with this silencer like some other guns. Now you are finished with your silencer. Have fun, and enjoy.