Introduction: How to Make an Airsoft Grenade

Make an airsoft grenade for about $1.50. This airsoft grenade is loud, effective and has a 360 degree spray of BB's. A must-have for any airsoft enthusiast.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following

60ml bottle (with cap)
Airsoft BB's
15-20 Snap Clappers (depending on how loud and effective you want the grenade)
Snap Clappers are about $0.75 a box and $25.00 a case

Step 2: Assembly

First you will need to take the 60ml bottle in hand. Pour in about 10 BB's and put 2-4 snap clappers in after each pour. Repeat this step several times until all the snap clappers are put inside the bottle. After all the snap clappers are inside the bottle there will be some excess room. Fill the rest of this space with BB's. When filled up to the top, lightly push down the BB's creating more room. (CAUTION, dont push to hard or the container will explode) Fit as many BB's as you can in the container without forcing them in their. Once all the BB's are in the bottle screw the cap back on. I would recommend wearing saftey glasses just in case.  

Step 3: Testing It Out

Once you are completed with your airsoft grenade it is time to test it out. Remember the snap clappers explode on impact with something so even dropping it slightly will set the whole thing off. I would recommend doing this outside. Position yourself away from a hard surface like a driveway or even a tree. Stand back aways, as far as your comfortable with. Throw the grenade and ...... BOOM!!!! These are so fun to use in airsoft and are extremely effective.