Airsoft - Make 8 Magpuls for UNDER £3!

Introduction: Airsoft - Make 8 Magpuls for UNDER £3!

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Want a sturdy, effective, inexpensive and easy to make alternative to Magpuls? Here's how to create eight tactical magazine assists for use in airsoft! Video Tutorial

Step 1: You'll Need...

Electrical Tape, I bought a pack of 8 assorted 20m rolls for £4.99 from eBay but you can buy individual ones for as little as 60 pence each. 1m of 1" Nylon Webbing, I got mine for £1.79 - also from eBay. 1 metre is 40". You also need material scissors for cutting through the webbing, as well as a tape measure.

Step 2: Measuring Up and Cutting

Whack out the tape measure and measure 5" of the webbing. Mark with your finger where you need to cut, or alternatively use a marker. You can also use the ridges of the material as a line to cut along. Start with the scissors, you may find you can cut most of the way before you have to adjust the position of the scissors but it doesn't matter if the cut isn't perfectly straight. Now you have your piece of webbing we can move on to the third step.

Step 3: Attaching to Magazine

Here I've attached my 5" strip of webbing to a mid capacity Vietnam-era style King Arms magazine. You can use the grooves on a STANAG type magazine as a guide to help you know where to put it. Fold it into the loop shape and secure it to the body of the magazine using approximately 9" of electrical tape.

Step 4: You're Done!

That's it - finished. The webbing should be help in place well enough and work like a Magpul should. Optionally add another strip of tape that is a brighter colour such as yellow or blue which helps to identify them as yours and also help you find them should they be lost during a skirmish. Thanks for viewing this tutorial and I hope it helps!

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    Jai Burlingham
    Jai Burlingham

    9 years ago

    You're right, I used these temporarily and now have genuine Magpuls for my mags which are a lot better but this is still useful for people who have cheaper guns and just do backyard wars and stuff. Thanks for your comment by the way :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    awesome but original magpuls aren't too expen$ive so i'd probably just buy the real thing. Good job anyway!