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Introduction: Airsoft Gun,Paint Schemes

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What is sounds like,always cool to add some style an personalization to your airsoft guns rifles and equipment.
Few different patterns here. 

Small instructable just showing a few paint schemes,and what they look like when done,more patterns will be added in the future.

Step 1: Winter Camo Scheme

Simple patchwork pattern and stripe pattern in blues and greys.
For cold weather climates,in the snow & or ice and or underwater based airsofting grounds,not that i know any underwater airsoft grounds. that probably something only james bond villains have.

Step 2: Woodland Camo Scheme

Forests and woodland areas require you have a somewhat camouflaged gun/s to make it less easy for others to just stumble upon your hidden stash because the sun reflected off the transparent housing,now you have no backup weapons or ammo an probably about to be shot a hell of alot by someone high fps rifle with your ammo! and or even gun how fail that would be.

So here some patterns to help avoid that unfortunate situation,colt 1911 target and chief special painted a long time ago for the soul purpose of making them look less drab and lame,since not all airsoft guns look cool inside.

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    Stef and Adam
    Stef and Adam

    9 years ago

    Where did you get the chiefs special I had on and it held a ton of ammo but I lost it


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Got it from here long time ago.