Introduction: Alarm System

This project builds an alarm system that basically makes a box that would output voice and light to tell people that something happened. This is a very easy project that doesn't require a lot of material and skills. The project includes, Tutorial about how to make, material list, the code for this project, and a video about the outcome of this project.

Step 1: Material List

1. An Arduino Leonardo

2. A Breadboard

3. A computer or laptop for you to upload the code to your Arduino

4. Few set of jump wire (Here I use DuPont line and here is the link if you want to buy it

5. A speaker

6. Few LED ( you can have multiple colors if you want )

7. A button ( can be any kind )

Step 2: Tutorial: Step by Step

Step 1: Connect 4 LED (the color is can be whatever you want but here I use red) from pin 9 to 12 and connect them to GND using 4 resisters. (feel free to extend the wire to it better fit your case

Step 2: Connect the button to pin 2 ( make sure to use the right resister

Step 3: Connect the speaker to Pin 7 (so it can output voice)

Step 4: Upload the code from

Step 5: test and see if it works!

Step 3: How It Works

It is a very simple device. If you press the button then there will be sound and light coming out from the device and alarm people about something happened. For example, if an old man fell down in the bathroom and he cannot move then this device will help them to alarm others that something just happened. Basically, it just works like the alarm in the bathroom we usually will have.

Step 4: Final Product