Introduction: RGB Blinking LED

This Project is made for amateurs on Arduino so there are no hard steps in this project.

This project is base on a single blinking LED project (

Basically, this project ad two more blinkings LED and three of them are Red, Green, and Blue so this is like an RGB light that people can use.

Here is my CODE

Step 1: Material List

Prepare your materials

1. Arduino board

2. some wires

3. 3 LED

4. 3 100 ohm resistance

Step 2: How to Make in Step by Step

Step 1. First, connect 3 wire from port 6,7,8 to any three holes on the board and connect GND to the negative.

Step 2. Connect 3 lines from negative to 3 negative sides of each Red, Green and Blue LED's negative pin

Step 3. Open Arduino on your PC and connect it to the board

Step 4. Copy the code from the link above and paste onto your Arduino

Step 5. Upload and test

Step 3: Final Outcome