Introduction: Albert Einstein Pie

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    You are going to love this delicious recipe because is as easy as 123... and the best thing of all, you can actually print any picture you want on your cakes or pies with simple things you have in your house. I decided to draw Albert Einstein because the recipe is  actually inside his famous equation. If you know the formula then you will remember this recipe forever.
I am sure this is the smartest recipe you will ever find !
* This is not the real meaning of the Einstein equation, it will only help you to remember my recipe.

Step 1: Ingredients

Gather your ingredients:

1     small  cheese (I used "Cacique" queso fresco)
2     eggs
1     can condensed milk
1     cream cheese (I used "Philadelphia")
30   plain vanilla cookies (I used " Marias" mexican cookies)
3/4  cup butter (previously melted) 
Clear plastic wrap

Step 2: The Mix

Preparing the mix

Put the Mexican cheese in the blender, add the eggs,  1/2 of the cream cheese, and the condensed milk. Mix all the ingredients together until  smooth. *Save the mix for later.

Step 3: The Crust

Preparing the crust

* This step its optional, you can buy a ready to use pie crust at the grocery store.
Put the cookies into a food processor to crush them until they look like powder.
In a pie pan (I used a glass pie pan), pour the melted butter and add the cookie powder. Mix the two ingredients by hand to form  a dough, this will be the crust of your pie.  Press the dough with your fingers to cover the bottom of the pie pan, then add the mix you saved  ( step 2)

Step 4: Baking

Baking the pie

Preheat the oven at 350*  
Bake the pie for 1 hr. 
Let it cool before you decorate it !

Step 5: Frosting

Preparing your frosting

Keep the other 1/2 of the cream cheese into a small plastic bag (sandwich size), leave it at room temperature for 30 min. until  soften.
Cut one end of the bag, make a little whole so the cream can come out in a single stream to draw the picture with it. This is going to be your frosting pencil.
You can use any kind of frosting you like.

Step 6: Decorating

Decorate your pie

Choose your picture. (Simple lines will be the best!)  I just picked an easy one because it is hard to draw fine details with your frosting, you know.
 Cut a small square of clear plastic wrap big enough to cover your picture.
 You are going to draw your picture on the clear plastic wrap that is already on top of the real picture, then you can start following the lines with your frosting pencill. Be careful  not to press the bag too hard because the hole can get bigger, and we do not want to ruin our frosting picture, right?. Remember we want a single fine line.

Step 7: Final Touch

Finishing touches

Once you have finished your picture on top of the clear plastic wrap, carefully  remove it and put it on top of your pie. Before you do that make sure you flip over your pie.  The bottom part is very smooth so your picture will be more noticeable on top of a flat surface. 
When you put your frosting picture on top of your pie, press the lines slightly with your fingers to transfer your picture.* Do not remove the plastic wrap from the pie yet .
Before you do that let it cool into the refrigerator for about 30 min. Once the cream cheese is cool you may be able to remove the plastic wrap easily without removing the frosting from the pie, so the frosting picture will remain on top of your pie!!!!
Enjoy it!  you are done! 
Store your pie inside the refrigerator in a closed container. It will taste better the next day you bake it.

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