Introduction: Alcohol Inked Tile Coasters

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Simple and Cheap - this project was so easy to complete but turned out so beautiful - It was the perfect Father's Day gift!!

Step 1: Project Ingredients

Project Ingredients:
  • 4 tile coasters (the non-porous and shiny kind :)
  • Ranger Alcohol Inks ( several colors of choice)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Felt
  • Black Paint
  • Mod Podge Glue ( or glue of choice)
  • Paint brushes
  • Wax paper or something to protect you work surface ( these inks me - I learned the hard way !) 
  • Spray Sealer

Step 2: Spread on the Alcohol:

After covering your workspace with wax paper, begin to spread alcohol generously onto the tile....

Step 3: Add Droplets of Ink Onto Alcohol-coated Surface

Lay out your inks in the order that you plan to use them - this part goes pretty fast because the ink begins to spread right away and you will want the colors to remain in the section you had planned for them..... Begin dropping your color onto the tiles by adding each color to combine in your pattern of choice.

Step 4: Watch Out for White Spots:

After the inks have spread a bit, some parts may spread to reveal un-inked white spots....while this can be annoying, I found that continuing to add tiny drops of color on those areas eventually closed up and the entire tile was covered with color!
( the front tile in the picture shows the white spots appearing after a minute or so of drying)

Step 5: Paint the Sides Black:

After an hour or two of drying time (just to make sure the inks are completely dry), it's now time to paint the sides of each coaster with black paint to give the tile a finished look when its all said and done.

Step 6: Add Glue to Back:

After allowing the black paint to completely dry, turn your tile over and all the Modge Podge glue (or your glue of choice) generously to the entire back.....making sure to get it into the grooves.

Step 7: Add Felt Backing:

Cut black (or color of choice) felt pieces to fit the back of the tile before-hand and place carefully onto glued area. Make sure to press the felt into the glue between the grooves to make sure it is attached thoroughly.

Step 8: Add the Spray Sealer:

After allowing the glued felt to dry for a bit, now you can lay your tiles out to spray the sealer onto the top side and allow to dry overnight.
 (I almost didn't add the sealer, but I worried that the inks would scratch and come off with the wear of being used, so I decided to go ahead and seal them.)

Step 9: Wrap It Up and Enjoy!

Your  all done and just a simple ribbon or tie to hold the coasters together works great when giving these as gifts...Enjoy!!
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