Introduction: Alentejano Bread Recipe

For bread

T 65 flour 1 kg

14 g of salt per kg of flour

600 ml of warm water

2 fresh yeast packets for bread

The impossibility of having homemade yeast (guard a little mass of previous kneading, to ferment the following mixing) can be replaced by yeast fresh baker. (Fresh baker's yeast to purchase in supermarkets in fresh produce section)

Pour the flour into a bowl, make a hole in half and place the crumbled yeast into the hole. Undo with the flour. Gradually mix the warm water and salt, until the flour completely absorb the water. Mix all to make a ball. Kneading, well, the dough has to "snort as they say in Alentejo" when they start to form air bubbles, slap it with a white sheet and a blanket. The mixing should be done in a clay bowl that before you begin kneading it with scalding hot water, thereby maintaining the temperature of the mass.

Let the dough rest for baking. It is going to double.

If it is too cold, you may want to put a heat source the room where the bread is baking. the dough tends. After baking is tended with flour to make the bread shape with head! was let to stand for 20 minutes to slightly more baking! Bake in a wood oven!

Notice: The amount of yeast can be increased if you want a more fluffy bread and (looked)

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