Introduction: Align It!

While building you may need to line up shapes.

Let's try aligning some shapes.


    1. Continue to the next step.

Step 1: Preview Shape Alignment

Let's explore the different ways these box shapes can be aligned.

Hovering over an alignment handle will show a preview of what the alignment will look like and clicking a handle will move the shapes into the preview position.

Let try previewing the all the alignment options!


    1. Select all the Box shapes by holding SHIFT on the keyboard and left clicking on each Box shape.


      Shapes you have selected will be outlined in a blue color.

    2. With all shapes selected, click the Align button on the right side of the top toolbar
    3. The Align handles will appear around the shapes.
    4. Hover your mouse over each of the black alignment handles to see a preview of the alignment.
    5. Continue to the next step.

Step 2: Align to the Bottom

Let's make sure the shapes are all aligned on the Workplane.


    1. Clicking on any of the Alignment handles will move the shapes into the align position.
    2. The undo button on the toolbar will change back to the original position if needed.
    3. Try to align the Boxes on the Workplane aligned to the front Box.
    4. Continue to the next step.

Step 3: You Got It!


Keep up the good work!