Introduction: All Eyeshadow Makeup

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Hey everyone it's momo and today I'll show y'all how to apply all of your makeup with only eyeshadow. That means foundation, blush, (eyeshadow), eyeliner, and eyebrow filler! (Sorry for my sunburn!!!)

Step 1: Supplies

1- eyeshadow that matches skin tone
2- eyeshadow that matches eyebrows
3- soft pink eyeshadow
4- black or dark brown eyeshadow

5- liner brush
6- blush brush
7- eyeshadow brush

Step 2: Eyebrows

To fill in your eyebrows, you need to take the dark brown and apply it to the eyeshadow brush. Fill in your eyebrows by lightly dabbing the blank spots

Step 3: Foundation

Take the skin tone eyeshadow and put it on the blush brush. Put it all over your face and blend it down some of your neck. Make sure it's all blended nicely and evenly.

Step 4: Blush

Take the light, soft pink eyeshadow and put it on the blush brush. Dab it on your face in an upward motion toward your hairline.

Step 5: Eyeliner

Take the dark brown or black and put it on the liner brush. Line your eye lightly and make sure the line isn't too thick. You just want something subtle. I like to do cat eyes, but that's optional

Step 6: Finish!

And you're finished with your look! I hope you all enjoy this tutorial and if you haven't already be a momoluver follow me become a member of the farm family and give a cow it's wings! Love y'all •_£

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