Introduction: All Purpose Pen Holder

If you've ever dropped a pen or pencil on the floor walking from one classroom or meeting to another then this quick design is for you. No more lost pens or pencils rolling off your book. No more sticking a pencil between the pages of your book and having fall out. The all purpose pen holder is here to help.

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need are:

1. One inch length piece of plastic tubing or straw. The inner diameter should be big enough to hold the pen clip or pencil clip

2. Four inch length of tape. I would recommend gaffers tape. It could work with duct tape or packaging tape. Feel free to experiment

3. A book or object you want to attach a pen or pencil to

Step 2: Set Up

1. Find a location on the book, or object, where you want the pencil to be.

2. Place the plastic tubing or straw on the selected spot

3. Tape it in place

4. Now place the pen clip or pencil clip in the plastic tubing

Step 3: You're Done and Extra Tips

This all purpose pen holder has worked out so well I've added one to my lap top as well. When you are going to meetings it's much easier just know there is a pen already on your book. If you are carrying several books and folders from one classroom, conference room or office to another or your pockets are too small this is the way to go. You can change it up by using a wider diameter of plastic tubing or a bubble tea straw. This would allow you to fit the entire pen or pencil into the holder, as opposed to just the pen clip. This could be useful if you lost the pen cap or you are using a wooden number two pencil. Innovate and try it for yourself. Good luck !