All Terrain Zero Turn

Introduction: All Terrain Zero Turn

I've had this zero turn mower for sometime now and have always had issues getting it stuck in the yard. This is due to the turf tires that do not have decent tread. So I decided to fix this problem with a deeper tread.


1 zero turn mower with 18x7.50-8 inch tires
2 - 18×9.50-8 with white steel wheels for a golf cart 4-lug square bolt pattern.
The tires will have a tractor lug pattern.

Step 1: New Tires

Remove the old tires and put the new ones on.

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    Tip 1 year ago on Introduction

    This will work for all types of mowers that have traction issues. Just ensure that you know what size tire you have. The format is outside diameter 18 by 7.50 - 7.50 inch width and 8 is the rim size.
    Before 18x7.50-8 after 18x9.50-8.