Introduction: All the Facts: Demi Pointe Shoes

About: I have been dancing most of my life, and I am going to try and bring a few of my 'tips and tricks' into the spotlight!

All the facts and tips you need to know about demi pointes.

Step 1: What Are They For?

Demi pointe shoes are for strengthening and training the feet so they are ready to go en pointe.

With my syllabus (RAD), I actually went en pointe before i had to wear demi pointe shoes for an exam.

Step 2: How to Use Them Properly

Demi pointe shoes should be uses like flats; only go up to demi pointe. If not used correctly e.g. going on toes, you could break your ankle.

Step 3: Laces and Elastics

For sewing on laces and elastics, I recommend using one (Just laces not just elastics) or a combination of the following-
~ 1 thin/thick elastic across each ankle
~ 2 thin/thick elastics across each ankle

~ Normal laces
~ Achilles protection laces (last pic)