Introduction: How To: Pack a Good Dance Bag

About: I have been dancing most of my life, and I am going to try and bring a few of my 'tips and tricks' into the spotlight!

Many dancers do the old "I might need it... chuck her in!" But this is how to pack a good dance bag. The bag below looks like my bag, but mine is purple. I usually take my own photos, but I am packing for a dance seminar so I don't have it here :(

Step 1: What Do You Do?

You first need to identify what you do. If you just do hip-hop, why are you packing tap shoes?

Step 2: The Essentials

For whatever you do, these are the essentials-
~ Sweat towel
~ Medical kit
~ After dance clothes (tracksuit or hoddie and pants)
~ After dance shoes (thongs or 'flip flops' as some call them)
~ Dance pants

These are the essentials I recomend. You may be thinking "Pants? Why do I need pants when I just do ballet?" Well, the amount of times my fellow classmates and I have been caught out with a e.g. surprise exercise class is a lot. Running around in just a leotard and tights is not appealing.  Trust me. ^_^ 

Step 3: Packing for Jazz

So you've already packed the essentials, now what? Well if you do jazz this alis the only thing else you'll need-
~ Jazz shoes

Step 4: Packing for Hip-Hop

As well as the essentials, you will need-
~ Sneakers
~ 'street shoes' e.g. converses(only for some dance sschools)

Step 5: Packing for Contemporary

Contemporary is a bit tricky to pack for as some teachers prefer some shoes others prefer different ones. This is a basic list of what you should pack-
~ foot thongs
~ ballet shoes (old ones)
~ Pointe shoes ( old ones and only of you do Pointe already)

Step 6: Packing for Ballet

Ballet is pretty easy to pack for-
~ Ballet flats
~ Demi Pointes
~ Pointe shoes (only if you are already on Pointe)
~ therapy band

Step 7: Thanks for Reading!

Dont forget to comment on what you want next!