How To: Pack a Good Dance Bag

Introduction: How To: Pack a Good Dance Bag

About: I have been dancing most of my life, and I am going to try and bring a few of my 'tips and tricks' into the spotlight!

Many dancers do the old "I might need it... chuck her in!" But this is how to pack a good dance bag. The bag below looks like my bag, but mine is purple. I usually take my own photos, but I am packing for a dance seminar so I don't have it here :(

Step 1: What Do You Do?

You first need to identify what you do. If you just do hip-hop, why are you packing tap shoes?

Step 2: The Essentials

For whatever you do, these are the essentials-
~ Sweat towel
~ Medical kit
~ After dance clothes (tracksuit or hoddie and pants)
~ After dance shoes (thongs or 'flip flops' as some call them)
~ Dance pants

These are the essentials I recomend. You may be thinking "Pants? Why do I need pants when I just do ballet?" Well, the amount of times my fellow classmates and I have been caught out with a e.g. surprise exercise class is a lot. Running around in just a leotard and tights is not appealing.  Trust me. ^_^ 

Step 3: Packing for Jazz

So you've already packed the essentials, now what? Well if you do jazz this alis the only thing else you'll need-
~ Jazz shoes

Step 4: Packing for Hip-Hop

As well as the essentials, you will need-
~ Sneakers
~ 'street shoes' e.g. converses(only for some dance sschools)

Step 5: Packing for Contemporary

Contemporary is a bit tricky to pack for as some teachers prefer some shoes others prefer different ones. This is a basic list of what you should pack-
~ foot thongs
~ ballet shoes (old ones)
~ Pointe shoes ( old ones and only of you do Pointe already)

Step 6: Packing for Ballet

Ballet is pretty easy to pack for-
~ Ballet flats
~ Demi Pointes
~ Pointe shoes (only if you are already on Pointe)
~ therapy band

Step 7: Thanks for Reading!

Dont forget to comment on what you want next!

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    6 years ago

    those are not tap shoes. These are teacher shoes for ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop. Students can also have these shoes on only for warm up because after a while these hurt your feet. But if you are properly trained these don't hurt your feet.