Introduction: All-in Scrambled Egg!

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I want to share with you that this contest it was a experience that i will remember because it was my fist time using the grill and participating in a competition of recipes.
This recipe requires basic ingredients, easy to get and that you might already have in your kitchen.
I picked up this recipe because is a mix of recipes that we used to have at breakfast when I was a kid, scrambled eggs with onion, pico de gallo, bacon or sausage.
That's why I call it All-in Scrambled egg!


You need:

- 1 Green Jalapeño
- ¼ White Onion
- 1 Tomato
- 3 Bacon Strips
- ⅓ Sausage ( Your Favorite)
- 3 Eggs
- Mozarella Cheese and Salt ( Optional)

Step 1: All-in Scrambled Egg!

Put the tomato, green jalapeño, onion, bacon and sausage on the grill, leaving it for approximately 5 to 8 minutes.

Remove from the heat and put in a cutting board. Chop
the tomato and bacon, cut the onion in julienne, the jalapeño and sausage cut in slices.

Step 2: All-in Scrambled Egg!

You return to the grill, place a pan, mix the tomato, onion, jalapeño and bacon, leaving about 5 minutes for the flavors to concentrate. You empty the 3 eggs in the pan, mixes place the sausage and finally the cheese.

Step 3: All-in Scrambled Egg!

Enjoying your recipe accompanied with tortilla or bread.
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