Introduction: Alladin's LED Lamp.

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This is an Alladin Lamp which was used in the 40's and 50's.
It was run on Kerosene and had a silk mantel which gave a bright white light.
I found it laying in our junk room and it had not been used for a long time.
It had a beautiful look so I thought to give it a face lift and use it by converting it into a modern light.
This pollution Creating oil lamp is now turned into an beautiful Environment friendly lamp.

Step 1: Convert Old Oil Lamp to LED Lamp.

This magical change was brought about by the most modern 5 meter length of White LED strip.

Step 2: Materials Used

I bought a 5 Meter strip of white LED strip along with an Adopter which has an
Input of 100 to 300 volt AC and the Output of 12 volt DC-2 Amps.
This lamp can also be used directly with a 12 volts UPS battery.

Step 3: Cut to Required Size

Next Cut the LED strip into the required size, taking care to cut at the MARKED place.

Every cut mark is placed between 3 LED's and a resistance as shown in the photograph.

Step 4: Fixing the Cables.

Next solder a short piece of Black and Red wire to the Negative and Positive terminal as marked on the strip.

Now lay them flat together and fix them with Cello tape at a number of places so that they remain flat.

Step 5: Make LED Tube.

Next, Join all the Positive (Red) and Negative (Black) wires together with a lead wire to the Adopter.
Then Roll a drawing sheet or a thick paper and make a paper tube.
Place the LED strip on the paper tube and join the two ends together with cello tape.
Now cut the extra length of the paper tube so that the roll of the LED remains stiff.

Step 6: Insert in the Glass Chimney.

Now place the LED roll inside the Glass Chimney and fix it with cello tape.

Step 7: Light the Lamp and Enjoy.

Next connect it to an electrical outlet and enjoy the light.
Here you can see the Brightness of the light output of a 5 meter LED strip.
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