Introduction: Alphabetize the Books of the Bible

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Why do this you ask? In order to save time, especially when in church, it is so much easier to have an alphabetized list of the books of the Bible in order to find that chapter quickly. To do this it dawned on me to put them in alphabetical order. Hence this Instructable. Would very much like comments.., do you find this useful? Thanks.

Step 1: Gather Your Bibles at Your Computer Workplace.

I have several Bibles, so wanted to do them all.

Step 2: Open to the Contents Page

You need to find your bible's listing of the chapters. Each bible is arranged differently, so of course you you will need to treat each one individually.

Step 3: Type the Books of the Bible in the Program of Your Choice.

I used Word for the shown alphabetized listings. You can also use excel, access, or any program that has the alphabetizing function. I was surprised to find that Microsoft Works does not allow you to alphabetize lists. Key in the chapters with their page number, sort and save.

Step 4: That's It!

Now print and trim your new list of books of the Bible to a size that fits just inside the front cover of the Book. I find this a very big help in rapidly finding the chapter I want. No more "lapses" and/or frustration. Hope this adds to your ease and enjoyment of reading/studying the Bible. This can be taped in or just placed without any tape if you choose.

Step 5: A Surprise for Me!

I knew that I had an old Bible that was my mothers. So I got it off the shelf, opened it up and found that this Bible had the books alphabetized on the first page! I had read this version many times, over the years, but did not remember this fact. I wonder why the old time publishers would do this and the modern day printers do not? Hmmmmmm...point to ponder.