Introduction: Alternative Claw – Sugru Grip

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I find that there are many objects on Thingiverse that could use a bit of help by simply making a few very simple modifications that you can use with Sugru. Many of these objects are legs and grippers for robotics which need a bit of grip as bare PLA and ABS offer no grip at all.

Here is how I made a few simple changes to the original Alternative Claw on Thingiverse so I could form a pad of Sugru on the grip.

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Step 1: Download

Setup an account at Thingiverse - you will need it to upload the file when you are done remixing and you need an account.
Download the original STL file from Thingiverse 

Step 2: New Tinkercad Account

Head on over to Tinkercad and setup a free account, then click the Create New Design button.

Step 3: Tinkercad Import

Once you have created a new project in Tinkercad, you can now import your downloaded STL file that you downloaded from Thingiverse. To do this, use the Import menu on the top right side and click browse. Find the STL file on your computer and click Import.

Step 4: Tinkercad Edit Hole 1

Using the Cylinder Hole tool place the cylinder up against the surface you want to cut away, then recess it 2mm inside the surface. 

Step 5: Tinkercad Edit Hole 2

Stretch the cylinder over to the other side so it is recessed 2mm as well.

Step 6: Tinkercad Edit Complete

Holding down Shift, select the model and the cylinder then click the Group button located on the top bar. This will remove the cylinder and any material that it is touching. Notice you now have two holes where the cylinder was. You can repeat this step as many times as you like, placing holes where ever you want.

Step 7: Export From Tinkercad

Although Tinkercad has an option to export directly to Thingiverse, I choose to download the STL file as it is a remix and I like to make sure I keep to the licensing that goes along with the remix. 

Click Design >> Download for 3D Printing >> Then choose STL.

Download the STL file to your computer where you can find it.

Step 8: Upload to Thingiverse

Head on over to Thingiverse and setup an account if your don't already have one.

To make it easy on myself, I go to the original object and select remix it, located on the right side. 

Simply drag your new STL file into the area that Thingiverse provides you, fill out the details of the project such as the description, and a title, then hit publish!

Done!!!  -  One more Thingiverse item enhanced and ready for Sugru!
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