Introduction: Alternative Tabletop Christmas Tree

A nice alternative for christmas tree, made of lumber wood which was left from kitchen oven packaging. Simple design, cheap materials, few hours of work:)

Step 1:

lumber wood(mine was 1x4x80cm)
metal/wood/plastic pipe or anything on what to mount the piesces
wood oil and paint-optional ( i used line seed oil and iodide)
measuring tape    

Step 2: Process:

1.Determine approximately dimensions of the tree, then based on wood piece dimensions
2.Cut the pieces in decreasing order, i used step of 3cm, cut the pieces for the core of the tree mine was 4 by 4cm.
3.You will also need a pad for stability, can be made out of anything you have:) i've used some wood left from another project.
4. Colour and protect the wood, i usually use line seed oil (perfect natural product) and this time - iodide to give it a colour.
5. Then simply mount everything on the pipe, and spread it.
6. You can use decorations, i had some copper wire laying around.
7. Put candles on the ends of the pieces, double check if the flame wont damage anything around, or set everything on fire:)
8. Light it up:)