Introduction: Altitude Monitor Via Wifi

We use barometer MS5607 to get the altitude reading. The datasheet of the sensor is provided here.

Secondly we use an inbuilt module to give us updates on the reading, ie. the Wi-Fi.

Thus we can get regualer updates of the readings without any delay

Step 1: Connections

MS5607 : Linkit

GND : gnd

VIN : 3V3



Also, Since Linkit one already has all the necessary hardware inbuilt, we just need to connect the WiFi/Bluetooth antenna to the board

Note: The antenna connector socket is very delicate, connect using soft hands

Step 2: Router

You will need a WiFi router (regardless of internet connection)

Once you have set up the router, note the Network SSID, the Network Password and encryption type (WPA/WEP/OPEN)

Note: Mobile hotspot will also do

Step 3: Code`

I have attached my code with the instructable, you'll need to edit the Network SSID and Password with you SSID and password on line 10&11.

In the code I'm updating the altitude information obtained from the sensor;

You may edit the code to print analog inputs, inputs from sensors, or anything you can imagine to do with the board.

Also, you'll have to add the intersema.h header file in your libraries prior, or you'll get a compilation error

Step 4: Compile and Run

When you upload the code to the board, open your serial monitor

Copy the IP address that is displayed(You can now close the serial monitor and arduino software if you wish)

Paste the IP address in your browser and you may see the output like in the picture