Introduction: Altoids Tin Pocket Date MoJo Kit

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Look Now! Something that every single man needs to have on hand & in pocket! If you ever have had the chance for a spontaneous, spur of the moment date, you will have wanted to have this MoJo kit in your pocket ready to go! Ever been asked on a date or seen a potential date and you just weren't prepared enough and you had to turn it down? Now you will be confident and ready to have a date out anytime! Included is everything you need for a romantic, fun & exciting date. Everything except the date! Look at this as a self full filling prophecy of sorts. Making a MoJo kit is an affirmation of one of life's greatest dreams! Grab a tin to alter and make and Go For It!
All you need is an Altoids or similar tin. Some silk or velvet material to line it with, inside and out. optional ribbon and multi-position chart. The perfect accouterments to fit inside. Preparing you for your next spontaneous date! Feel lucky? It's your lucky day! Feel like dreaming big? Come get started! Only you can do it! My suggestions and advice are sure to help!

Included are hints and tips on preparing for a date in real life. Getting the first kiss. How to get a phone number, touching, why "Love is blind? And more.

Step 1: Trace, Size, Cut & Place.

To make your MoJo kit, pick out suitable fabric. I suggest if you want to pimp your tin out, use blue velvet or silk. Felt, faux fur, denim, corduroy, velour or leather is suitable too. Use an old pair of your own pants, shirt, bandanna or jacket to bring more of your personal MoJo to the tin. It's going to be dynamic!

Trace the tin lid and bottom onto a clean sheet of white paper.
Label the top piece from the bottom.
Cut out pattern pieces along the trace lines.
Pin onto your fabric.
Cut around the fabric of your choice using scissors, following the pattern line.
Apply a layer of heavy glue like mod podge to the top of the tin.
Carefully apply fabric to the glue on the lid.
Use a roller or your hand to smooth any rough spots. Let dry. Repeat bottom inside, top and bottom.
Optional-If the tin is embossed, you can place a piece of duct tape over it to minimize the effect before gluing the fabric down.

Step 2: Inside Operation

Once you have your tin fully lined inside and outside and it's dry it's ready to fill. Gather a little black book and pencil, a couple rubbers, some aromatherapy or musk oil, a St. Christopher medal, and your personal position variety chart for reference.

Having a MoJo kit prepared is your ticket to a spontaneous date. Live a little and dream big!
Now, when you have snagged your first date here are some words of experienced advice.

#0. Have your MoJo tin kit on you.

#1. Always, always, always ask the lady if you can give her a Kiss. Never go in for a Kiss at a moment you see fit on the sly. You will block the energy to test for a chemistry match-up. Many people don't know or can't tell if there is chemistry until they Kiss. If you confuse the energy with an unexpected kiss, it's harder to read the chemical attraction as accurately then when Kissing upon mutual agreement. Always Kiss upon mutual agreement! Ask her!

#2. Before going in for a mutually agreed Kiss, wipe the excess spittle from your lips. Try to do so on the sly so you don't frighten your date. Nobody wants to start a Kiss swapping spit. Save that for the next mutually agreed Kiss, often the next day if your first Kiss was at the end of your date.

#3. The Kiss...con't. When going in for The Kiss, whether it's at the beginning of the date, the middle or the end, just make sure it's not when either of you have any food, drink or gum in your mouths, Make sure it is mutually agreed. Which means you have had the fine upbringing to ask her, "May I Kiss you?" If she says, "Yes!" Don't hesitate lest she change her mind. Make sure your lips are dry and properly puckered and go in for a little bit more than a peck. Purse, pucker and push slightly with your lips while Kissing and see if you evoke a response and chemical reaction. As soon as the electricity is contacted, pull away. Let your eyes meet for a deep, silent gaze. Say some beautiful words in your mind to her while you search the depths of her eyes and marvel at the sweetness of her lips. Smile. Stay silent for another forever moment. Ask to hold her hand.

#4. Emotions = Energy in Motion... What a woman really wants to feel most is cherished and held close. Other feelings she responds to are being wanted with high heat, though you manage, some how, to restrain yourself from ravaging her. She wants a sincere gentleman that will plow thru mountains and cross oceans to get to her, but has the self control to wait unless appear disingenuous towards wanting to be the gentleman she deserves. Nothing is more authentic and flattering when sincere. Even if a woman sleeps with you, if you are looking at other women while you are with her, she will continue to seek the man that only has eyes for her. Don't doubt it! Never toy with a woman's emotions. She will out-crazy you every time!

#5. Sexy is an attitude. The sexiest thing a man or woman can exude is self confidence. Self confidence comes from within and is nothing designer clothes or fancy shoes can emulate. Nice clothes and shoes will help. Always look your best and wear your best when out. You never know when your mate may be rounding a corner towards you. Being ready and catching her eye is the beginning to the completion of you having a mate, as everyone desires and deserves as a part of enjoying our natural lives. Be willing, eager and able. It's so worth it!

#6. Touching and falling in love. It easy to fall in love after having sex. Especially good sex. And you want great sex. Orgasm's release 'feel good' hormones that can muffle the reality of a relationship, especially for women. Hence the saying 'love is blind.' Once you have sex you have created a relationship, serious or not, like it or not, good or bad. That is why it is an important decision that deserves your time and attention before it's made. If it is worth it now, it will be extra worth it when. Kisses aren't contracts and hand holding isn't a promise. If you really want a woman by your side, take the time to know her and devote your energy to her. If you can fix cars or work a rad crossword puzzle, show her your mad skill. Ask her if you can claim her as your own and you, hers, if it feels right. Be clear, vulnerable and communicate. Never hesitate and let the good one get away. You will regret it, if you do. Give her the St. Christopher's medal to show your devotion. It's the best way to make her feel safe and comfortable and loved, like she deserves. Go from there.

#7. If you don't have her phone number by now, don't feel awkward asking for it. It's the only way to legitimately get it. Having good phone skills can be a way to build intimacy without the risk of falling in the sack together too soon.

#8. Always, always, always wear a rubber. Until you are married. No exceptions!

In a nutshell..
Just making a MoJo tin sends your intentions out into the ever wish granting imagination of the great blue cosmos, ever giving God Mother, therefore making actualization that much more attainable and real. Kind of like the tooth fairy but you don't lose any teeth or get change under your pillow.

You must make the MoJo tin to get your date MoJo! Intention is everything!

You have to go out on a limb and ask! Ask for her phone number! Ask her out! Then ask for a Kiss!

Kissing points to remember...
Only Kiss when mutually agreed upon. Kiss with dry lips.
Kiss a little longer than a peck, pursing your lips and pushing slightly.
Nobody wants a limp, loose lipped Kiss for a first Kiss! Or you'll never get a second Kiss.
Bad kissers make poor lovers.
Refine your Kissing as one of your ultimate lovemaking skills. Practice on your fingertips.

Today can be the day. Stay on point, with your eyes, ears and senses open. When you see her, you are going to be nervous. This is a good indication that you have found the right one. Wipe your mouth. Don't let nerves get the best of you and let her get away before you can ask her out or get her phone number. It's never easy, but always worth it! Go to it! Good luck! Love is in the air. Follow instructions for bliss. Variety is the spice of life!

Caution: Never cook breakfast in the morning for a woman you don't want to fall in love with you. Ever.

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