Introduction: Altoid Tins Storage Containers for Small Parts

I use altoid tins fo storing small things, like snaps, rivets, and other small items for leather working. It stikes me that they woud also be good for storin small screws, resistors and such, so I submit this small storage system for yor consideration. Thank you and please add any corrections in the comments. 
Materials needed: 5- 2" X 9" X 1/8" Plywood 24 1" lng pieces of 1/2" dowel 8 1/2" lng walnut or hardwood of choice Roto tool (for turning 1/2" dowel into knobs) 8 Altoids tins paint of choice (if desired, or can be left unpainted) Glue

Step 1:

Cut all parts and paint tops of tins

Step 2:

Assemble and glue plywood and 1" dowels, put weight on top and walk away for the night. Since we have a rockshop I used cut agate geodes for weights, have plenty of them laying around waiting to be groung and polished.

Step 3:

Paint tops of tins or not depening on perference

Step 4:

Turn walnut knobs with rotory tool

Step 5:

Glue knobs to tins.

Step 6:


Step 7:

I added two strips of masonite on the back to keep the tins from sliding through.