Introduction: Altoids Portable BBQ !!

I love BBQ's, and upon deciding i needed to be able to grill anything anywhere i created this pocket-sized grill.

This tiny grill would be very useful if you were out fishing for example, you could catch some little fish and then grill them for lunch! The possibilities are endless..probably

If you match this grill with one of the many hunter/gatherer 'ibles you have yourself a recipe for free tasty food, perfect in this unstable economy :D

Dont click the links yet or you'll forget to read the rest of my sweet 'ible !! :D
Catch Fish !
Catch a Gopher !
Catch a Mouse !
Catch a Wabbit !
Catch a Turtle !
Catch an Eel !
p.s. i don't condone the killing of animals at all :I

Step 1: Materials + Tools

For this project you will need :

  • Coat Hanger
  • Altoids tin
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill / Dremel
  • A few Twigs
  • A Vice / Clamp
  • A Pencil

Step 2: Cutting the Hanger

First of all we need to cut our hanger into smaller rods which will function as the grill.

If you are using an altoids tin then the rod sections need to be 10 cm long, if you are using any other type of tin then just measure the length and add 5mm so the ends will poke out the sides, this stops them falling down when cooking.

I would recommend making 5 rods but the number is up to you.

Step 3: Sanding the Rods

Now we have cut the rods we need to sand the ends down as they will probably be quite sharp.

Just use a file to remove any pointy bits, its pretty simple really :P

Step 4: Drilling the Tin

Now we have the rods done we can drill our Tin.

First of all clamp the tin in your vice, not too tight though or you'll crush it !

Now find a drill bit which is about 1mm thicker than your rods.

Using a pencil mark out where you are going to drill your holes.

Now all you need to do is drill the holes and check the rods fit in, do this for both sides.

Step 5: Finished the BBQ

Congratulations, you have finished the BBQ !!, read on for more info on fuel, storage and customization.

Step 6: Fuel !

For fuel for the BBQ you can use anything flammable as long as it doesn't produce toxic fumes (no plastic!)

For my fuel i used some sticks from my garden and some paper for better ignition.
To put the fuel in just take out the rods and lay it underneath,

Don't pack it too tight or it wont ignite !............. wow that Rhymes !!!!

Step 7: Sand the Lid

For my mini-BBQ i wanted to give it a more "wild" look so i got some medium gauge sandpaper and just took the Altoids lid design off.

Simple really but it has a nice effect, i was also worried about the design being burnt off by the heat and that wouldn't have looked very nice at all :P

Step 8: Optional Stand

I had some hanger wire left over so i decided to make a little stand to hold the lid up, the supported lid acts as a wind block to stop the fire going out.

There isn't really a specific design for this, i was just randomly bending the wire when i came up with it :P

Step 9: Packing and Carrying

Below is an example image of how you could pack it, i don't have a lighter so i included some matches, i also found that the tin fitted inside the matchbox :P

Step 10: Cooking

Now you can go out and cook whatever you want !! I decided to cook a Sausage Roll.... Very adventurous :D

Unfortunately the pics aren't great and for some reason i don't have one of it on fire :S
Sorry about that, hopefully ill get some soon !

Step 11: Finished !!

That's the end ! I hope you enjoy your new BBQ !

Thanks for reading ! Don't Forget to Rate, Vote !

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