Introduction: Cardboard Component Storage

The other day I was playing around with some electronics, making circuits and such, but when i looked over at my electronics box which at the time was just a Tupperware tub i realized what a mess it was, wires all tangled and mixed up, i couldn't find anything in the box.

So i was just about to go out and buy one of those plastic component storage boxes, but i saw a pile of cardboard lurking in the corner of my room. I'm pretty sure there was a light-bulb above my head at this point. And since i hate public transport with a passion i decided i would try to make one before i sat in a bus full of old people for an hour.

It was pretty easy to make, the hardest part were the measurements, but I've done that for you now :)

Now its really easy to find what i want fast, also being able to see all the components makes it easier to think of ideas !

Step 1: Get Some Cardboard !

Pretty easy to find.
Everyone has some laying around.

If you dont have any:
  • Ask freinds
  • Ask in shops
  • Look behind shops
  • Ask at supermarkets
  • Ask Parents
  • Go to recycling center
  • Ask anywhere that sells things, they will have some

It doesn't matter if the cardboard has tape on it, you can pull it off or just leave it on, it makes no difference :)

Step 2: Cut Out the Shapes

So now you have the cardboard you can begin to cut the shapes.

For the box you need
1 Base
2 Long Sides
2 Ends

For the internal separators you can make as many as you want

Sizes are on the pictures.

Step 3: Glue the Box

Now we have all the cardboard pieces we can start to assemble them, Starting with the Box.

I used a hot glue gun as i have found this to work very well with cardboard, PVA glue or superglue would work well too. I suppose you could even tape it together.

First glue the bottoms of the sections and hold them in place until they dry, I started with the ends and then did the sides. Once they are in place and dry, you can add extra strength by applying more glue to the corners (as seen in last pic)

Step 4: Make the Dividers

Now we have the box we need to make the dividers that form the boxes inside.

First i put two long dividers in the box and then worked out where i wanted the smaller ones to go, once i had decided i marked it with pencil and cut slots in the small and large dividers.

Repeat this process until you have enough dividers

I decided i wanted a large section to hold the bigger components so i cut a 1/3rd off one of the smaller dividers and only made one slit.

Step 5: Add a Lid

I diddnt want my components to fly around when I moved the box so i decided to make a lid for the box.

The lid is the same size as the base, 12x8 Inches

I used a thinner type of cardboard for the lid, it looked nicer.

If you have any magnets it would be cool to make a magnetic lid,
I have some on the way but they are not here yet.

Attach the lid to the box using duct-tape

Step 6: Add Components

Now get your big messy box and sort them neatly into your compartments :P

Whilst doing this i found loads of things i diddnt even know i had !

Step 7: Finished !

Now go and enjoy your new organized components :P
Make something awesome !

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