Introduction: Altoids School Kit V 1.0

Step 1: Gather Materials

What i used in my tin
• An Altoids tin
• 5 large paper clips
• 1 shortened pencil
• 1 stick of gum
• 3 Q-tips
• 1 razor blade
• "X" amount of cash
• 4 different types and sizes of bandaids
• 1 alcohol prep pad
•4 ibuprofen pills

Step 2: Gather Everything in to Your Tin

This was just my tin. At school i would never use the razor blade so i will probably take it out. I put the pills in a small bag then rolled it up into a tube then used double sided tape to secure it to the lid of the tin. This is the stuff that i would like to have on my for school. I hope you guys make one for yourself's and add more.
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