Introduction: Aluminum Can Planter

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An Aluminum Can Planter!
I designed this planter in fusion 360. According to, we use about 200 billion aluminum cans a year, roughly 6,700 cans a second. This is enough to go around the world every 17 hours. This statistic to me was extremely shocking to me as I thought that the world's consumption of soda and beer was not as extreme as it truly is. This design is my idea to try and lessen this by turning it into a positive impact on the environment.

The planter is in 3 parts, the top, the bottom, and the cap. The main idea behind this design was to mimic the design of a can with the ability to stack. with this in mind I tried to make the item as printable as possible.

This design has drainage holes in the bottom of the "top" piece which allows water to flow to the plants below them when stacked, you will have to poke holes into the bottom of the top can for the drainage to work, but this is easy to do with scissors.

The "cap" model is for covering the top edge of the topmost can as it can be somewhat sharp depending on how you cut it.

The "bottom" piece is used for the stacking mechanism. Making this planter completely modular and stackable to a decent height. It has 3 arms which holds the cans on top of it high enough to allow sunlight to hit the plant.

Step 1: Files and Printing Tips

All three files are printable with minimal supports. The only one that needs a bit of attention is the "bottom" piece as it needs a bit of support on the part where the legs will eventually go. Other than that, all pieces are easy peasy.

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