Aluminum Cargo Roof Basket for Jeep Liberty




Introduction: Aluminum Cargo Roof Basket for Jeep Liberty

So I bought a very lightweight aluminum cargo basket off eBay and built it today. It was missing the directions and a bunch of washers. Most likely both are sitting in a warehouse in China where the thing was manufactured.

In any event, to send it back to the seller would have cost $25 and would have been a pain, so I winged the assembly with pictures from the eBay ad. It turned out okay. And looks passable. The basket trim actually matches the plastic wheel trim on the Jeep. It's relatively strong on the Jeep. But it is for light stuff; coolers, trash runs, maybe some camping gear. I'd estimate it could hold 50 to 75 pounds without too much trouble maybe a little more. It will never rust and if it gets stolen, well, it didn't cost too much.

I did a YouTube video of it - I apologize for the 11 minutes of your life that you won't get back by watching my cinematic foibles. I'm open to suggestions and opinions on it or how to make it better.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    when you look at how many people have looked at your "ible" please delete one, I much prefer to quickly scan photos and read the text to waiting on videos to catch up.. how can you improve? In my a step by step..