Introduction: Amazingly Detailed Flower Pots (For 3D Printing)

These flower pots were fun to design, and will look super cute on a desktop or shelf. I don't have access to a 3D printer, but I am putting this Instructable out for those people who do have one. I hope you enjoy making this project!



Step 1: How to Make a Bird Pot

First, (Using Tinkercad) go to the Make From Home section. Use the chopsticks, and there should be 2 already. Stand them up vertically and shorten them down. This will be the stand for the flower pot (You may need to place a flattened cube under the chopsticks for balance).

Next go to the Basic Shapes section and use 2 spheres. Make one sort of oblong and ovular, then tilt it slightly to make it look as if the bird is flying.

Using the other sphere, place it on top of the first, where the head should be. Then place the body and head onto the chopstick-stand.

Next get a cylinder from the Basic Shapes section. Place it on the bird's back, then lower it into the body. The if you look where you change the object's color, you will see a button that says "hole". Click that. It will make it an empty spot when you print it, and that is where you put the plant.

Moving on, next we need the wings. I couldn't find any shape already on Tinkercad, so what you have to do is go to the Basic Shapes section, and click on the Scribble icon. If you place it next to your project, it ill take you to a sort of drawing board. Then you can draw a wing shape. When you are done, place one wing on either side of the hole in the bird's back. (to get 2 identical wings, copy and paste it-Ctrl C, then Ctrl V)

Next go to the scribble again and draw a set of feathers for the birds head. I did three loops, each bigger than the other. Place that on the bird's head.

Then, in the Basic Shapes section, you will need a cone. Turn the cone horizontally then make it small. Move it to the center of the bird's head for the beak.

The last step is the eyes. Get a sphere and flatten it out. Make it very small, color it black, and copy and paste to get another one. then move them on either side of the beak.

Look at the pictures if you need help! And you might need to adjust the size of the whole project depending on the size of the plant.

Step 2: How to Make a Bunny Pot

This design is made mostly of spheres. To start, go to the Basic Shapes section. Get a sphere and stretch it into an oval, then color it grey. This will be the body.

Next, take another sphere and shape it into a skinny, upright oval. Color it grey also and then copy and paste it until you have four. Place these, two on either side of the body, for the legs.

Next take another sphere and leave it as it is, coloring it white. Put it at the back of the body for the tail.

Next using another sphere, color it grey and place it where the head should be. Then, using a sphere, flatten it out and color it black. Make it very small, then copy and paste it. put it on the bunny's face for the eyes.

Then use a sphere and flatten it out, then shape it into a long oval. Put it on the rabbit's face under the eyes for the rabbit's cheeks.Color it white. Then use a very small pink sphere for the nose, placing it at the very top center of the cheek oval.

Then, go to the Character section and at the bottom, find the rabbit ear and the bent rabbit ear. Place one of each on the rabbit's head.

For the last step, use a cylinder, placing it into the bunny's back, then color it with the 'Hole' icon. that will make the pot part.

Look at the pictures for help!

Step 3: How to Make an Ornate Pot

First you will need a base. Depending on what shape you want your pot to be, use either a cube, sphere, cylinder, polygon, heart, or star. Whichever you use, flatten it out.

Then, if you are using a sphere or cylinder for your base, find the Torus, a sort of rounded ring shape, to make the pot. Make it fit on the base, then make it tall and thick. If you are not using a sphere or cylinder base, take your base and rise it up, keeping it on the ground, so that it is tall and thick.

Next, for the other bases, use another one of your shape, polygon for example, and color it with the 'hole' icon. Then place it inside of your base. This will make the planter part.

Next, decorate! I have some examples, but you can design this pot however you want! Play around with the different shapes and make your ornate pot unique.

Look at pictures for help!