Introduction: Tasty Pulao!

Hi , everyone hello I am Kushal from Banjarapalya Makerspace . Last time we celebrated one of my friends birthday , so there we ate one special food item called Pulao. It's really very tasty! . I decided to make the same food in my different style . So I cooked the Pulao, its really very tasty If you guys want to taste the Pulao then here is the way to prepare it .


  1. Pulao Items (clove,cinnamon,Bay leaf,Dry mint leaf,Dried fenugreek leaves,Fennel seeds,Kapok Buds,Poppy seed,kesari )
  2. Onion
  3. Green Chilly
  4. Garlic and Ginger past
  5. Oil
  6. Tomato
  7. Rice
  8. Water
  9. Mustard seeds
  10. Eggs
  11. Red chilly powder
  12. Turmeric powder
  13. Coriander powder
  14. Salt

Tools and Materials

  1. Induction stove / gas stove
  2. Pressure cooker
  3. Knife
  4. Plate
  5. Wooden base (For cut onion,tomato,chilly)
  6. Long flat spoon (for mixing everything)

Step 1: Cut the Onion and Green Chilly

Take two medium sized Onion and 6 Green chilies. Cut them as long long pieces as shown in the image with the help of knife. Chilly is giving different taste and flavor to your food.

Step 2: Cut Two Big Tomatoes

Take two big tomatoes and cut it as small small pieces as shown in the image . In tomato there is vitamin-C and lactopene that's why tomato is very good for your health .

Step 3: Start Cooking

First you need to turn on the Induction stove and put the Pressure cooker on the stove and wait for some time because it needs to heat. After that, take 5 spoons of oil and put it in the cooker, then take mustard seeds, mix it with the oil and fry it for few seconds.

Step 4: Mix Garlic and Ginger Paste

Take 2 spoons of garlic and ginger paste, put it in the oil and fry it for 50 seconds,as shown in the image. (Garlic and Ginger gives the main taste for this Pulao. This is one of the secret ingredient of tasty foods).

Step 5: Fry the Pulao Item, Green Chilly, Onion and Tomato

Then take the Pulao item (clove,cinnamon,Bay leaf,Dry mint leaf,Dried fenugreek leaves,Fennel seeds,Kapok Buds,Poppy seed,kesari ) and fry it for 50 seconds, after that take Green chilly and Onion which is already cut and fry it in oil for 2 minutes. After that the onion color will change into golden color then you need to put the tomato pieces and fry it for a little more than a minute, then decrease the temperature of your stove.

Step 6: Mix the Rice and Add Masala, Eggs

After decreasing the stove temperature, you need to take two glasses of rice and wash it three times then put the rice in pressure cooker and mix the all Masala

(Red chilly powder 1 small spoon, Coriander powder 1 small spoon,Turmeric powder 1 small spoon)

Put 3 and a 1/2 glass of water then put two small spoons of salt and mix everything,

Put the eggs in the cooker and close the Pressure cooker cap and wait for two whistles.

Step 7: Finally the Tasty Ambadiskamba Pulao Is Ready

After two whistles wait for 15 to 20 minutes then open the Cooker cap. Finally you have made the great, tasty Ambadiskamba Pulao!

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