The Kit allows you to connect WS2801 Ledstrips to your RaspberryPi.
There are numerous applications for such a setup from Art Installations to Internetenabled Lightsetups.

The most common application is to create a setup similar to the Ambilight (C) (TM) Technology invented by Philips.
You can playback Movies on your Raspberry pi using XBMC or some other Mediacenter Distribution like OpenELEC.

There are different Ambilight Plugins available.

Some config files for the remote control support and system integration are available here:

The Kit is available from

Step 1: Capacitors First

Insert the capacitors in the shown location and solder them from below.

Step 2: The Levelshifter

This is the magic part that translates the 3.3V signals from the Raspberry PI to 5V signals for the WS2801 ledstips.
Insert it as shown.

Careful! This part has a unique orientation!
Insert it in the correct way as shown.
There is a little notch on the IC for orientation.

Step 3: Pinheaders

Next insert the pinheader from the other side of the PCB as shown.
Solder in place.

Step 4: Power Plug

Now install the Power plug as shown

There is a small SOLDERJUMPER between the power plug and the IC.

If you close this solderjumper you can connect a 5V Powersupply with at least 4 Amps to power the raspberry pi AND the ledstrip directly from this Powersupply.

If you connect anything else like a 12V power supply or simliar, it will destroy your Raspberry Pi, so be super careful there.

Step 5: The Pinheader installed from the top side as shown.

Step 6: Infrared Receiver

Is installed as shown.

This step might be optional if you did not order the kit with the infrared remote control.

Step 7: You Are Done!

The newer RaspberryPi boards have a longer pinheaders than the old versions.

Make sure to insert the Module EXACTLY as shown.

If you get this step wrong, powering the setup might destroy your Raspberry Pi!

There is a special Enclosure available on the as well.