Introduction: American Cheaper Alarm S6

We decided to do a movement sensor that is cheaper than the normal one, and the poor people can buy it because it works perfectly. We used those components:

. Female-female wires and male-male wires;

. Buzzer;

. Sensor of movement;

. Arduíno UNO;

Step 1: Creating the Hardware

We use the motion sensor and we connect the three sensor pins on several female-to-female wires and then connect these wires to the male-male wires. These wires were connected to the Arduino ONE. All the (arduino) holes that were numbered are being cited in the code made in the arduino. In the next page we are going to see the code that we used.

Step 2: The First Code

#define pinPIR 7

const int buzzer = 5;

void setup() { pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT); pinMode(pinPIR, INPUT); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() { bool valorPIR = digitalRead(pinPIR);

if (valorPIR) { Serial.println("FDS"); digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH); } else { Serial.println("-----"); digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW); } }

This was the first code, but it didin´t make a sound, because we were able to do it on the second try.

Step 3: Final Version

We just add new codes for the Buzzer to make the sound.

Step 4: Reflections

We used a lot of help from those sites, but we could do it, because we gave our blood on the project.