An Easy Ardunino Compatible BLE Beginner Board With IOS SDK

Introduction: An Easy Ardunino Compatible BLE Beginner Board With IOS SDK

This instructable will show you how to connect between an arduino compatible board and iOS device just easily with a board i make recently which name "Azufier". Visit here for more information

Step 1: What Will You Need

  1. A micro-b usb cable
  2. Azufier board
  3. iOS device

Step 2: Download Azufier App and Connect Azufier

  1. Download Azufier App from here and install it
  2. Plug cable to azufier and connect it with Azufier App

Step 3: Have Fun!!!

Now you can contorl any port at Azufier like reading sensor value, or sending some command to contorl robot, etc just easily.

For arduino beginner, Azufier is a beginner friendly board, and for pro arduino maker, Azufier iOS SDK will be provided to make thing just easily.

My next post will be how to use Azufier iOS SDK to make an easy but incredible app !!!

Thank you for watching!!! Any comment will be appreciate!!!


Here is the next post: Easy-BLE-button

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