Anatomy of Fried Food




Introduction: Anatomy of Fried Food

Look inside the art of fried food and discover the science behind this crispy delicacy! This tutorial will instruct you on the simple science of how fried chicken works and best of all some easy methods of how to make restraunt quality chicken.

Step 1: The Raw Stuff

First we are going to use and fine cut of breast meat. This is the easy part. Observing the nature. The fat is trimmed and it is ready for the next step. Flour!

Step 2: Flouring

Bathe the raw chicken in flour. Too much flour is enough flour! Make sure everypart is evenly coated so that all the meat is protected by the flour during the frying process

Step 3: Into the Fryer

Throw the bird into the frier! I prefer to use oil at 330° to get a nice golden color and crisp outer skin.

What is happening now?

Step 4: Fry Science

The surface of the chicken in actually dehydrating. Causing a series of muiller reactions. This is breaking down the sugars and proteins in the chicken to bring about a new fried flavor. On the inside, the meat is being steamed and cooked at a rapid pace. So fast the process is all but 10 minutes! The oil and the temperature are important. The oil and flour is what causes the outer layer to harden giving us the distinct texture. Now its time to enjoy your work

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    What happens if the frying oil temperature is lower than 330 degrees F or higher than that?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The surface of the chicken dehydrates. While that is beginning, a series of muillar reactions occurs. The sugars and proteins break down to make a brand new flavor. This is why fried foods taste good. The fat in the oil hardens the skin while it also steams the inside untill it is ready to eat. In 10 minutes This entire process happens very quickly.