Introduction: Android GPSLogger MOD

This is my second Android Programming project, and this is how to I turned this GPS Logger: ; into this one:

It takes your GPS data and then you can save the GPX file in your SD, share it, or upload it to your server.

I mainly redesigned the GUI, and added some functions to make it more attractive for the user from my point of view.

Step 1: Start of the Project

First I searched on Google some GPS Logger, because I have a bigger project in mind and this logger was the base.

When I found that, I thought that I could make it looks better(this is all from my point of view), and I started working on it.

Step 2: Let's Do It!

As I have already said, this is my second Android programming project, and this means that I have not much idea on Android development, I have a good knowledgement in C# but Java oriented to Android was very new.

So the fist thing I did was try to understand how the code was structured and how it works, and I started to find some things that reported me some new ideas to add to it.

The first thing I wanted to change was the main olor of the GUI, from the white based environment, to some dark one, so I changed all white background to some dark grey(I didn't like it completely black).

The second step of the project was make the app look better, for example, in the Simple View, then the GPS start logging, the icons change their position because the alingment of the text, and that made me think like a bad finished GUI, so I changed the disposition of the items and solved that, so now the icons stay static; the other thing I did was, when you press the Start button, in the original App, it turns into Stop, and what I did was to add an intermediate step, now you have Start-Searching for GPS-Stop, so I think that it makes the app more attractive for the end user.

Step 3: Resume

I have recorded a video showing up the app: YouTube

I would like to thanks the original developer of the app for sharing the code so I could learn something new and I could make the app as I wanted.