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Introduction: Android Phone Control RGB Strip

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RGB Strip


Andord App

More than 7 control Modes

Constant Color / Random / Rambo / RGB / Blink / User-Define Play sequences / Breathing…..

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Step 1: Parts List and Schematics

USB to TTL X1 Connect PC and Pro-Mini for uploading code /

PC control ProMini

Arduino ProMini X1 Control RGB Led in different shining modes

HC-05 Bluetooth X1 Receive command from Android Phone via Bluetooth.

RGB Com-Cathode X1 Indicating RGB light state.

RGB Strip 5050 5M X1 RGB LED strip, 12V, Common Anode.

Resistor X3 220 Ohm.

NPN Mosfet X3 TIP41C NPN, TO220

Power Supply 12V-5A X1 Offer the power to RGB Strip and Arduino Promini.

Step 2: Arduino Source Code

Arduino Source Code


BlueTooth Test

PWM PIN 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11

Daniel Lu :

1. D,3,255 ->  Set D3 = 255

2. A,1 ->  Read A3 value

3. C,255,255,255 ->  set R,G,B value to PinR,PinG,PinB

4, M,1  set PlayMode, cListerning, cAuto, cRandom, cRambo ....

5. P,3,5,6 ->   set PinR=3, PinG=5, PinB=6

6. TD,200 -> gDelayMsc = 200 msec

7. TI,30000 -> gIdleMsec = 30000 msec

8. RS/RE -> start/end recording



//#define HardwareDelay;

#define CommonAnode

//#define debug;

#define enableBreath

// Type Define ***********************************************************************************

typedef struct TPinRec {

byte PinNo;


Step 3: All Downloads

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    Daniel Lu
    Daniel Lu

    6 years ago

    Send me your videos if you made it.


    Reply 6 years ago

    I have made it,but it lights up all color and then turn off, then back on.

    Please help

    Daniel Lu
    Daniel Lu

    Reply 5 years ago

    Did you solve the problem. Send me your schematic, check if I can get it corrected.

    Daniel Lu
    Daniel Lu

    Reply 6 years ago

    The default mode is "Breathing". you need to download the android app, change the mode with app. Watch the video will helps.


    6 years ago

    can we use this without bluetooth via otg cable cable using serial. If yes please send me the code to my mail

    including app.