Introduction: Angel Eye 2

This is my second angel eye with LED's and low cost to make.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Headlight bulb
old spray can
Thick cardboard
Nut and Bolt
7805 IC
10 ohms resistor

Cut the spray can so that we can use this for making base for LED's.

Step 2: Cutting the Paper

Cut the paper in circle so that it fits inside the bulb as shown in the picture. Now cut the paper for about 40 percent as shown in picture for shaded region. Also make a copy for thick cardboard.

Step 3: Cutting the Sheet

Cut the sheet as the paper template that we did before. Now mark the point to make a hole and finally trim it.

Step 4: Attaching the Sheets Each Other

Make a hole and attach them using nut and bolt.

Step 5: Soldering LED'S

Solder positive side of the LED's to the sheet. Lift LED's on the other side so that the positive and negative pins shouldn't touch each other and insert the paper which we have first prepared as template. Take single lid wire and solder on the other side. It is negative.

Step 6: The Circuit

Make the circuit as shown in the picture. Connect the + ve terminal to the + ve of the LED's and -ve to the - ve of the LED's. Make sure to attach heat sink to the IC.

Step 7: Testing the LEd's

Test the LED's

Step 8: Preparing the Head Lamp

Tape the Head lamp.

Step 9: Fitting

Fit the LED's to the bulb and tight the screw. Keep the thick cardboard behind the LED's.

Step 10: Testing

Test the LED's after fitting.

Step 11: Final Fitting

Fit the bulb to your bike and enjoy.........

My another instructable :