Introduction: Animated NotePad

Hello Everybody

How are you?

My name is Mounir.

I like to make things with paper, so I learned origami, I did post two origami instructables a while ago.

One day in 2012, someone came to me asking for a special gift to his girlfriend, he wanted something no one had it before her.

So, to create something she never seen it I had to unleash my imagination.

After a few days a nice idea just popped-up.

What if I make an Animated NotePad ^_^

I used to make my own custom NotePads, I just take A5 blank papers and print my favorite anime & mangas characters, and use a stapler to join the pages.

Combining custom NotePad idea with the first FlipBook idea will be an awesome experience.

A simple search in Google for a gif animation was enough to find the best animation for this notepad.

So, let me show you how to do it.

Step 1: What Do You Need ?

  1. - Sheet of papers (A5 size). Or cut A4 size in two (number of sheets depends on animation frames).
  2. - Sheet of heavy paper (A5 size). (for the cover).
  3. - Transparency Film (A5 size) to protect the NotePad (optional).
  4. - Pc with MS office word or any text editor that support graphics.
  5. - Printer (color or black)
  6. - Heavy duty Stapler.

Step 2: Preparing the Animation Frames

Search using Google for the GIF animation you want.

Or if you know how to draw, just do it :-)

Extract the frames using this website

Follow those steps (as displayed in the pictures):

  1. Copy the URL of the GIF and paste it, or just upload your own file from the computer
  2. Click on Upload
  3. Then, click on Split it
  4. Click on download Frames as zip
  5. Extract the frames from the Zip file (you will need Winrar or any archive application)

Step 3: Preparing the Pages

  1. Run Ms Office, or use any software that you are familiar with it.
  2. Set the page to A5 size and the margins as shown in the picture (3 cells).
  3. insert a table into the page.
  4. Type many dots to make lines.
  5. And keep a spot to insert the Animation frame.
  6. Hide the edges of the table.
  7. Add some shapes and patterns as you like.
  8. Then, copy and paste the table (make as many as the number of the frames).
  9. Insert the frames in every page in order. (this sample has 48 pages).
  10. Create the cover page.
  11. Now, you can print the document, and you may print more copies of the pages if you have a short animation.

Step 4: Assembling the Pages

put the pages in order, starting from first page on top, the second below it, and so on.

you can protect the cover page with a transparent plastic paper.

To assemble the pages, you will need a heavy duty stapler,

I don't have one ^_^ so I went to a copy shop, and I got served

I just used two staples on the top

that's it ^_^

I uploaded the MS word document that I've used in this instructable.

I wish you the best in making your own NotePads.

Have a good day,