Orchard Supply Hardware Toolbox Playhouse

Introduction: Orchard Supply Hardware Toolbox Playhouse

I identified the most popular of the themes in the teams brainstorm session. I thought the toolbox was dull but was able to develop it to a more interesting display. I proposed we extend the ends of the roof connected with a handle, possibly a large candy can. I proposed the window shutters were hand saws. We could make large tools sitting on the roof.

Step 1: Building the Roof Extentions

I built a frame with 2x2's and covered them with 1/4" plywood. I had to design mounts for the handle. light wiring, and attachment to the roof. To trim the plywood I used a router with a flush bit as my Skilsaw cuts weren't flush to the frame..Instead of a large ABS tube for the handle, I used a clear Plexiglas tube with Christmas lights inside.

Step 2: Assembly at the Park

We painted the parts and mounted them to the roof. The lights looked fantastic. The large tools were laser cut out of 1/4" plywood. I demonstrated cutting stacked 1" Styrofoam sheets with a hot wire but the team chose to keep them thin.

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    Could you share a little more detail about how you assembled the frame.