Introduction: Giant Candy Decorations

Our company entered a competition to build a Gingerbread Playhouse for our city's Christmas In The Park. I was inspired by Will Cotton (Katy Perry Candyland) and Willy Wonka movies to design giant Candy Canes and Lollipops. While you can probably purchase something like these, I like to have more control over size, proportion, and color.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Giant Candy Cane

Note: I chose 4" diameter ABS pipe and fittlings because the elbows are curved compared to angular PVC. You can probably use PVC with a continous U bend.

  1. A candy cane for visual reference
  2. One 4" ABS Pipe, about 4 feet
  3. Two 4" ABS 90 degree Street L's (these have a female and male end to connect to the other parts easily)
  4. Two 4" ABS End Caps
  5. ABS Cement or any plastic Glue (I actually didn't glue mine as they fit snug and I can disassemble them if necessary but you can use it if you want them assembled permanently )
  6. Glossy Red and White Spray Paint (I used one can each per candy cane)
  7. 1" Gorilla or Blue Painters tape
  8. 1/4 wide painters or drafting tape if you want the stripes more diagonal (1" tape doesn't stretch and you will get "steps" at the edge)
  9. Paint tarps for overspray
  10. Painters spray mask
  11. Optional 1/4 red or gold pinstripe tape (automotive parts store)

Giant Lollipops

  1. Colored synthetic rope (I used a 1 1/2" diameter Circus Rope and 5/8" Red and White rope)
  2. Box of 2" Finish Nails for the 1 1/2" rope
  3. Hot Glue for the 5/8" rope
  4. 3/4" thick 24" & 18" diameter Plywood Rounds (You can cut your own or use another material like particle board)
  5. 1/2" and 3/4" Dowels for the sticks
  6. Dowel Screws to attach the dowels to the Plywood rounds

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble the Pipe Pieces

Make sure they are completely inserted, you may need to tap them.

If you don't like the proportions or size, you can cut the length or use smaller diameter.

Glue them if you want them permanent.

If you plan to mount it you should add in any features like a mount flange, holes, or rods.

Step 3: Step 3: Paint the Pipe White

Select a place where fumes won't collect and that there are no open flames (gas heaters, etc.)

Lay tarps or plastic to avoid overspray on anything you don't want painted

Wear clothes and shoes you don't mind getting paintedPlan to paint one side and flip or hang the items if you can

If you paint the parts separately, make sure not to paint the mating surfaces

Use a painters mask, spray paint is not good to breathe (obviously)

You will need several coats to cover the black color

If you use white PVC, you may still paint it to cover the printing and dull whilte

Step 4: Step 4: Tape the Pipe

You can see the difficulty I had taping at an diagonal angle and wrapping the bends.

I used thinner tape to make the bends and cover the stepped tape edge

Another solution is to tape the stripes more perpendicular to the pipe like rings as shown in the first picture. You can also vary the width of the stripes.

You can use strips of paper to fill between the tape lines or just use more rows of tape

Step 5: Step 5: Paint the Unmasked Parts Red

After it drys, remove the tape

You can add red or gold pinstripes to cover any imperfect lnes

You can also use glitter or stickers if you prefer

The final product looks like a "Land of the Giants" candy cane

Step 6: Step 6: Giant Lollipops

These are simply rope coiled and secured onto the wood rounds

I started from the center and rolled to the outside, a second pair of hands will help keep the large rope tight

Finish nails hammered through secured the large diameter rope and hot glue worked well for the smaller rope

Use a hot knife or flame to fuse the ends of the rope and prevent fraying

I planned to attach large painted wood dowels as hand sticks but we decided not to use them on the play house

If you display them outside, the wood should be coated to be moisture proof