Introduction: Anthropomorphic Lamp #AnthroLamp

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Using an old mannequin bought at a garage sale, I made this fancy lamp by my bed in 20 minutes.

All you need is spray paint, cutting tools and lamp kit and shade.

It makes a stylish addition to the room decoration :)


Step 1: Get All Your Materials!

  • The mannequin is made of plastic, and I perforated the top to insert the lamp kit. Make sure it's cheap plastic, so it's easy to modify it. I recommend getting one with a firm stand. Otherwise, it will tip over since some are unstable. Pro Tip: Get one with moving limbs, you could customize the pose!
    • Take measurements of the height for the electrical cord
    • Make sure it has a hollow design to insert the electrical cord!
  • I also had a lamp kit from a previous project. These are fairly cheap. I found one online for $8.48. Make sure they have the switch by the light bulb for easy access. (The electrical cord will be through the body). I had a long enough electrical cord for the mannequin's height. Make sure yours is!
  • The lamp shade can be added from any old lamps you have in your house. Just make sure they fit the lamp kit you purchase, or you could modify it so it does!

Now that you got all the materials ready, let's make!

Step 2: Modify the Mannequin!

I did not take pictures when I made this, but I will be as clear as possible:

  1. Perforate the mannequin's top of the neck to insert the electrical cord. I used a snap blade knife since the plastic was not so hard. You may need another tool. Sand off any sharp edges and fit check your lamp kit to make sure it will be a just fit. (Make sure the switch is exposed).
  2. Insert the lightning cord through the hollow stand.
  3. Glue the base of the light bulb base to the mannequin's neck.
  4. Clean the mannequin from any dust residue.
  5. Spray Paint!

Ta dah!

Tag your mannequin on the hashtag #AnthroLamp and tag me on ig: me.vale

I would love to see what you made.

Thank you!

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