Introduction: Anti-Boredom Pocket Kit

This Instructable will show you how to put together a pocket size kit that will save you from the boredom of any potentially snoozing situation, for example Doctor office waiting rooms, Long concert lines, Bad dates, Most church services and the list goes on and on.

Step 1: Gather the Goods!

What I put in my Anti-Boredom kit may be different then what you would put. Here's what I gathered for mine (my kids helped).

The tin is an Altoids tin that I painted Black.


-Tiny deck of cards
-Small vial of touchable bubbles
-Two tubes of plastic bubbles
-Tiny colored pencils
-Note pad
-String for cats cradle
-Quarter to vend treats (a dollar fits nicely too for bigger treats)
-Balloon (for playing don't touch the ground or keep away)

Other ideas: Tiny harmonica, Fortune telling fish, Small sand timer for timing word games or how long you can hold your breath, Small deck of fortune telling cards (I saw some on ebay), Stickers, Small stencils and markers (sharpie makes a nice little marker that fits perfectly)

I bought all the things in my fun kit at local craft stores and party supply stores. They weren't hard to find. The note pad I made from paper and a staple gun.

Step 2: Nice and Tight Now!

I used small hair rubber bands to wrap and consolidate all the small items. I banded the pencils together, the balloons, the cats cradle string and the deck of cards.

Step 3: Pack It In!

Now pack it in!

Step 4: Close Up Shop

I used a nice thick rubber band to secure my kit and its contents.

Now just stick it in your pocket and move happy and confident knowing you take the fun with you where ever you go! Good Luck!

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