Introduction: Anti-Theft Your Sandwiches

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If you've ever been tired of people stealing your sandwiches (at school or work, for example), then here's a fun and easy 'ible for you!

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need...

Here's what you'll need:

  • Sandwich bag
  • Green permanent marker
  • A delicious sandwich you don't want stolen

Step 2: Add Mold

Using your permanent marker, add some mold to the sandwich bag. This is best obtained by putting the bag on top of your sandwich so you can accurately place the mold marks. Consider where the sandwich will realistically sit once it's inside the bag (NOTE: this will NOT be all the way to the bottom seam of the baggie, but actually slightly above by about 1/2").

TIP: Mold is normally round-edged and organic in movement, so consider this when "spreading" it across your sandwich bag. Also, it normally isn't one single color. So darken in the middles of some mold spots by going over them a couple times to make new, darker "layers". You could even use multiple different green markers to make it more realistic if you want.

Step 3: Insert Sandwich

Insert your sandwich into the bag.

At this point, check the placement of your mold spots, and their coloration against the sandwich. Make changes as you deem necessary.

(I realized I needed to darken my mold spots in this step.)

Step 4: Enjoy Later!

Put your newly "molded" sandwich in your work or dorm fridge. No one will want to steal it now...but they might question why you enjoy moldy sandwiches ;)