Introduction: Anti-cat Christmas Tree

Hello everyone

Christmas trees attract cats like a magnet - this thing reminds them of a scratching post or a game complex, and shiny, colorful balls only provoke these hooligans and they are happy to attack a defenseless Christmas tree. This year I decided to make an anti-сat Christmas tree and try to put an end to this war.

Step 1:

For the Christmas tree I needed:

- Furniture Board (left from the old kitchen table)

- Garland

- Christmas toys

- Tapping screw

- Paint

Step 2:

I painted the furniture Board black. I wanted the background to fade into darkness. I drew a silhouette of a Christmas tree, and then screwed screws into the corners of this silhouette

Step 3:

Now I take the garland. Checking for performance.

Step 4:

The control unit is glued to the furniture Board. Used hot glue.

Step 5:

At the bottom of the furniture Board made a slot for the cable and also fixed with hot glue.

Step 6:

I untangle the garland and begin to trace the silhouette of the Christmas tree. Ten-meter garland was enough for 3 silhouette of the tree.

Step 7:

Proceed to the decoration. To secure the gold garland made of paper clips hooks

Step 8:

I hang a garland on the Christmas tree and Christmas toys. .

Step 9:

Here is such a brutal Christmas tree I have succeeded! I really like the way it looks in the dark.

Step 10:

Remained test Christmas tree on attractiveness for cats.

The tree did not interest the cat. She sniffed it, twirled around a bit, and went about her business.
I hope the truce will last a long time! Happy new year to all! Happiness, kindness, love and good luck in everything!

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