Introduction: D4E1 - Flexible Engineering: Anti-tilt Glasses 2.4


Let me start with a brief introduction.

We are a duo of students Industial Product Design at Howest, Kortrijk, Belgium. For our CAD-course, we got the assignment of redesigning an assistive tool to put it in mass production or keep it small series. The anti-tilt glasses are made for paralysed people with glasses.

In this instructable, you will find lasercut files and 3d print files, foto's and a guide to make it yourselves.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • 3d printer
  • Lasercutter
  • Leather: around 30x5x0.25cm
  • MDF: 22x11x0.3cm
  • Anti slip elastic 400mm
  • Sandpaper
  • Cutter
  • Wood glue

Step 2: Lasercutting and 3d Printing

The mask has variable parameters which can be edited in the Siemens NX file. There are also 4 templates added as a lasercut file in case you don't have NX.

Step 3: Assembly of Measuring Tool

Glue a long rectangle to 2 small ones as visible on the picture, do this twice. The ears must have a small rectangle on each side of the opening.

Step 4: Assembly of the Anti Tilt Glasses