Introduction: D4E1 - Artmakers: Stampcrane

The Stampcrane is an assistive tool for children aged 4-5 and older. It is designed to look like a crane, to increase the fun factor of stamping. While playing, the children will learn to coördinate the stamp, using both their hands.

The crane is equipped with a rotating stamphead which can hold up to 4 different stamps. It can rotate for about 90° around the z-axis with a range of 3 A3 sheets next to eachother, portrait.

The base can be mounted onto a table using clamps. There's a safetybox around the base to prevent other children from hurting themselves on rotating parts.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To build this machine, you will need different kinds of standard parts, sheetmetal or tubular parts, 3d printed parts and some sawn parts. The needed tools and materials are listed down below.


  • Wrenches (2x 13mm)
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • 3d printer (or use 3D Hubs)

Standard parts:

  • Lock nuts (11x M8) and bolts (6x M8x40)
  • Wing nut (2)
  • Screws (16x 3,5x13)
  • Corner braces (4)
  • Ball bearings (4x Ø8mm)
  • Plastic washer plate (26)
  • Sponge
  • Old foto roll boxes (4 or more)

Sheetmetal or tubular parts:

  • Frame of the crane (6 pieces)

3d printed parts:

  • Table clamps (2)
  • Endcaps (2)
  • Handles (2)

Sawn parts:

  • Safety circle
  • Rotating part
  • Base plate
  • Bridge part
  • Safety structure

Step 2: Base

The base of the crane is made out of plywood, bearings, threaded rod, lock nuts and bolts. It is secured to the table using 3d printed clamps or just regular clamps.

Step 3: Stamps

The stamps are made out of old photo roll boxes, sponges and some hotmelt glue.

How to make the stamps:

  • Cut a hole in the lid of the box
  • Cut a piece of sponge to the size of the box
  • Glue the sponge to the lid

The stamphead is a 3d printed piece, .stl file is added.

Tests showed that Ecoline is the best paint to used. Ecoline is a non-waterproof ink. You can also make your own paint-water solutions.

Step 4: Crane

For the assembly of the crane, there's a photo manual beneath or you can just follow the video tutorial.

Step 5: Assembly

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