Antique Shoulder Plane Restoration

Introduction: Antique Shoulder Plane Restoration

I picked up this old shoulder plane from my local antiques store. Badly warped, and dulled beyond belief, I thought I'd try my hand at restoring it.

Step 1: Disassemble

A few taps with a wooden mallet will get all of the components apart! Here you can see how much TLC is actually needed.

Step 2: Plane That Sucker Flat!

Using my jack plane, I flatten the sole as well as the sides of the plane, removing all the warping that occurred over the years.

Step 3: Sharpen!

Using some cheap sharpening stones, I re established the bevel and flattened the back of the iron.

Step 4: Honing Time!

I stropped the blade on a piece of leather charged with buffing compound. This makes the blade razor sharp.

Step 5: All Done!

And that's that! I didn't get any pictures of me using it, but it does work well and it was a fun project. I'd really appreciate if you could vote for this entry in the hand tools only contest!

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