Introduction: Antler Mount With Photo Transfers

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Wanted to make an antler mount for a friend a little more special he asked for a pallet mount so found the most aged 1 i could find and started on the project here is what you need to do to build a antler mount with a picture transferred on the wood.

Step 1: Start With a Piece of Pallet Wood

Found the most rugged piece I could find

tool and materials needed to complete this project

1 long piece pallet wood

handsaw or jigsaw



4 screws


sand paper 120 and 220

wood glue

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Cut 2 1 foot pieces of pallet wood.

cut a scrap piece at 6 inches with a 30 degree angle

Step 3: Cut Out Shape

Cut the outline of a deer scull doesn't have to be perfect just make the nose not as wide as the top of the head

Step 4: Assemble

First screw the small 6 inch piece to the 1 foot piece that is still in the shape of a rectangle leaving enough room for the picture you want to use make sure that the angle is pointing down

add the deer head shape to the piece of wood butting it up to the wood to give it a nice fit. i use glue in all of my project but i think it is optional.

Step 5: Print a Lazerjet Picture Off

you can go to office depot if you dont have access to a printer it must be lazerjet for this process to work.

Step 6: Sand the Space for the Picture

sand with 120 first then 220 for a smooth finish clear away the dust with a damp rag

Step 7: Transfer the Photo

Add a thick layer of polyurethane to the desired area and press the picture in to the desired area

Step 8: Finish

allow 1 hr for it to dry then use a tooth brush and water to remove the paper leaving the image on the wood the better you sand the better the result.

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