Introduction: Anyone Can Make a Grand 3 Feet Chandelier

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The above picture depicts one of my many lamps; a chandlier (approx. 3 feet tall) made of parts from other things. I believe you call such products REDESIGN. In this instructable I will show how very easily you can make a great looking chandelier.

Step 1: Parts You Need Part 1

I won't describe how to attach each part to the other, because parts YOU find may fit better in another fashion than my chandelier version. Anyhows, you need (used, second hand material):

1) A lamp base (lampfot in Swedish).

2) A basic ceeling pendant with X number of light arms (think second hand, copper, brass etc).

3) A small wire basket, or similar (from wich pearls will hang).

4) A steel or glass spotlight, cone shaped (just a suggestion).

5) White is always a good choice making lamps/light fixtures, so make sure to buy white paint (spray = easiest).

The wire ring, you will have to weld or solder youself. To get it attached, be thorough measuring it, it should be a really tight fit to keep it in place. Spray paint it white only AFTER you attached it to the light arms.

Step 2: Parts You Need Part 2

You need to "dress" you chandelier to get that grand effect! I buy pearls and stuff from a Swedish hobby material retailer; Panduro Hoppy (link to site for international customers). Important! Unless you want a used result, always use new pearls and stuff for dressing!

Step 3: Neighbouring Parts

Here you'll see each part next to their closes neighbour, I'll bet you see the finished Chandelier already!

Step 4: Parts Joined

And, voila! A chandelier made from parts I found image searching. Quite close in appearance whith my 10 year old chandelier, made in EXACTLY the way I explained here. This may seem like a "stupid" instructable, I know, but without being to complicated, I wanted to show you how "easy" you can build a "snygg" chandelier yourself, from scrap parts. Maybe you don't even copy it, but use it as as an inspiration for your very own model :-)

Step 5: Finished With Candles

Its great to have a chandelier with dual function, giving you three choises: Only candles lit, Only spotlight lit, or everthing lit! :-) Remember to use non-dripping, clean-burning candles in order to keep you creation clean. And ALWAYS be careful with fire, please..! Goodby for now ;-)