Introduction: Apartment PVC Bike Rack

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For my apartment I needed a rack to keep my bike upright and off the walls. Nothing can be permanent in my apartment so I built a portable rack from PVC

Step 1: Materials List

I wanted to keep this simple construction
3/4" PVC and connectors was used throughout.

2x 10' PVC piping
6x: L Connector
6x: T Connector

Step 2: Tools

This was simple construction, the tools are equally simple.
*Saw: cutting things
*Sharpie: Mark the cuts
*Tape Measure: Measure twice cut once...
*Rubber Mallet: To "Persuasion fit" the connectors (who doesn't need a BFH)

Step 3:

The PVC pipes were cut in the following lengths:
3x 2" Connecting the U and TT
10x 11" For consistency all were cut the same to make nice right angles
2x 16" The long bottom pieces

Step 4:

The 2" pieces are used to make the "U" and "TT" joints

Only one "U" joint is needed
Two "TT" joints along the bottom

Start by making the double joints, there will be a gap until you hammer everything later on. 

Make 2 "T" Joints with the three of the 11" pieces

Make the two bottom pieces 11" L 16" L 11"

All of the joints should fit together nicely.

Step 5:

The assembled rack and one shot with the bike in place.

Note: can be extended to add more bikes as in
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